Accredited Suppliers

Work with suppliers you can trust, so you can relax & put your event in the hands of experts.

But most importantly, we work with you to make your dream wedding a reality. If you’re looking for a specific supplier, visit our Supplier Page to see who we work with. Get in touch with our event coordinator for a special one-time discount booklet! Do you have your own preferred suppliers? We’ll happily coordinate with them too as necessary!

What You Should Look For In A Supplier

  • Reliability
    Remember! If your supplier fails you, you will fail your family and friends.
  • Quality
    When things work well and flow beautifully, you will mount an event that won't be soon forgotten!
  • Value for money
    The cheapest price is not necessarily the greatest deal. If you want your suppliers to be reliable and provide quality products and services, you must first establish how much you are ready to pay for your suppliers and the balance you want to strike between cost, dependability, quality, and service.
  • Strong service and clear communication
    You rely on your suppliers to deliver on schedule, or to be honest and provide ample notice if they cannot. The best suppliers will want to engage with you on a frequent basis to learn about your needs and how they can better serve you.
  • Financial security
    It is important to check that your supplier has a sufficient amount of cash flowing to supply what you need, when you need it. A credit check can make you feel more confident that they will not fail you.
  • A partnership approach
    Both parties will profit from a solid partnership. Your suppliers should understand how valuable your business is to them and you must remind them of how vital they are to you and your Guests so that they can provide you with the highest possible quality of service.